wind turbines generating green energy in California

Green Energy by Industrial Wind Turbines in San Gorgonio, California

California, USA
Latitude: 33.9123, Longtitude: -116.5953


Green renewable energy and renewable resources are the buzz words of today. There is no surprise that industrial wind farms are appearing everywhere. In the USA alone thousands of windmills are being built, about 5,600 megawatts capacity will be added in 2011. Wind continues to be appreciated as a clean and sustainable source of green energy. An effective substitute for conventional fossil fuels, wind green energy generation does not emit any pollutants or toxins into the air. As winds are used for generating electricity, it means it is renewable energy. The industrial wind turbines at San Gorgonio California produce power by converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. The movement of the winds above a certain speed causes the blades to rotate. As winds are sensitive to climatic conditions, windmill green energy output fluctuates and depends on weather conditions.

Windmill design with two blades
Two Bladed Wind Turbine
Large Industrial Wind Farm and Golden California sunset
Large Industrial Wind Farm during Golden California Sunset, industrial landscape

A trip to the San Gorgonio Pass, California greets one with an expansive industrial landscape speckled with thousands of industrial wind turbines. The wind generators in San Gorgonio California are engineered using state of the art technology. The wind is gaining popularity as an alternative source of sustainable green energy. Windmills are environmentally friendly also. The industrial wind turbines require winds of speeds equal to or above a certain value. The San Gorgonio Pass in California is a perfect location for the wind farm due to the stable flow of winds, with a consistent speed. The speed of the winds is highest during the summer months, which makes it an optimum time for the wind turbines in San Gorgonio California.

Generating green energy using wind turbines in San Gorgonio California also offers several advantages. It is eco friendly and does not cause pollution of air or water. As the wind is a sustainable resource, wind energy is quite reliable. The windmills at Palm Springs can efficiently meet the power requirements of the surrounding region. Installing wind turbines is also a quick process. The wind farms in the area have thousands of industrial wind turbines that have the capacity to generate several hundred MW of power.

Horizontal Axis Turbines, generating renewable power
Horizontal Axis Turbines at sunset
 Wind Farm Abstract Industrial Image, Blue tones
Blue abstract wind farm picture

Wind Generators Photo Gallery


 single modern wind turbine, California desert blue industrial landscape
Tall windmill
components of an industrial windmill three blades, nacelle and a tower
Closer image of a windmill – tower, nacelle, and blades
Wind Turbines rows
Wind Turbines continuous rows at a wind farm
Array of Wind Generators, industrial images
Older Design of Industrial Wind Turbines in San Gorgonio California
Houses near Wind Generators at San Gorgonio California
Wind Turbines in California Producing Green Energy
Picturesque Wind Turbines in San Gorgonio California
Scenic Image of Windmills near Plam Springs, California with Mountain Backdrop
Wind Turbines and Palm Trees, green energy
Expansive Industrial Landscape with Windmills
Wind Farm in California generates green energy
Eco-Friendly WindMills near Palm Springs, California
Large Wind Farms of Wind Turbines producing green energy
Thousands of Wind Turbines at wind farms
WindMills and Mountains at Sunrise Landscape
Windmills and Mountains
Wind Turbines at Sunset in the Mountains
Golden Sunset with Wind Turbines
WindMills in the scenic industrial landscape photo
Wind power turbines at sunset

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