Lake Shrine Temple and Retreat: A Peaceful Place for Self Reflection

A Boathouse

Beautiful reflections in the lake

Pacific Palisades, California, USA
Latitude: 34.0457, Longtitude: -118.5521


Located in the beautiful Pacific Palisades in California, Lake Shrine Temple and Retreat is a great place for meditation and self-reflection. Popularly known as “the church of all religions,” this peaceful and serene place holds rich spiritual history and is loved by people of all faiths. Just a short drive away from Los Angeles, this place is strategically located near the Pacific Ocean for offering calming and soothing atmosphere.

Picture of the Windmill Chapel & Houseboat
Beautiful Windmill Chapel & Houseboat at Lake Shrine Temple & Retreat
The White Lake Shrine Temple, California
The Pristine White Temple Building

Sprawling across ten acres, the Lake Shrine Temple is perched on the hilltop and hosts weddings as well. The place also has the Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial, where Gandhi’s ashes are enshrined.

The Lake Shrine Temple & Retreat offers a serene, unhurried, and pleasant ambience for yoga and meditation oriented Self-Realization Fellowship. This retreat hosts thousands of visitors all around the year, mostly including people who are on a spiritual quest and looking for peace. The place organizes group meditations and allows people to practice the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) Energize Exercises, which are done under the guidance of Paramahansa Yogananda.

The Windmill Chapel
Magnificent Windmill Chapel besides the Lake
Photo of the Lake Shrine Temple, Pacific Palisades
The Serene Lake Shrine Temple in California

As this place is meant to offer peace to the mind and soul, visitors  coming here to participate in various retreat programs are advised to maintain complete silence. The Lake Shrine Retreat also has suitable accommodation for the visitors in the form of furnished rooms with bath. People are  provided complete vegetarian food in the dining room.

A Palm with the Backdrop of White Building
Close Image of the Temple Architecture
A Look at the Architecture of Lake Shrine Temple
The Intricate Architecture of Temple
The Beautiful Design of the Temple
The Mesmerizing Detailing of the Temple Building
Photo of the Lake Shrine Temple courtyard
The White Temple Adorned by Green Palms
A Picture of Windmill Chapel Clicked From Top
The Windmill Chapel scenic view from the top
The Windmill Chapel Set amidst the Green Hills
The Magnificent Surroundings of Windmill Chapel
Statue of Buddha at the Retreat
Buddha Statue in a perfect place for meditation
Monk Statue in the Lake Shrine Garden
Monk Statue in the Gardens
White Houseboat Reflecting in the Lake
Beautiful Houseboat of the Lake Shrine Temple and Retreat

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