La Colles sur Loup a small treasure in Cote d’Azur, European cityscapes in Provence

Alpes Maritimes, Nice, France
Latitude: 43.6874, Longtitude: 7.1034

La Colles sur Loup is a small town in Cote d’Azur, south of France. Located just a short drive from Nice and situated on picturesque hills, the town has typical southern European cityscapes and looks gorgeous within a beautiful natural environment. Looking for things to do in Nice – plan a trip to this small French town, it will delight you with its 16th century architecture and unique French charm. FPImages shares a photo gallery of beautiful pictures of buildings with intricate window designs, narrow streets and vintage stone walls.

european cityscapes pictures of buildings old windows in france
European architecture, France travel images

Surrounded by mature oaks, olive trees and pines, the small town is an inspiration place for architectural photographs and a nice spot for travel photography also. Lemon trees and fields with flowers, that are used for making natural perfumes, create pleasant street scenes and special European ambiance perfect for capturing this romantic European cityscape.

Wrought iron window grill in Colles sur Loup, Cote d'Azur, France
Beautiful iron decorations of the window in Provence, architectural photography

In old days glass windows were incredibly rare and mostly rich could afford it in their buildings. The skill to manufacture glass meant that it was expensive to make, so those who could afford glass windows had money to create beautiful window designs, which to this day surprise and delight travelers and make photographers to stop and take lots of pictures of buildings.

White laundry drying in the window, European cityscape
White laundry drying in the window, European cityscape

Small French towns especially in Provence are a heaven for architectural photography and are great romantic getaways. Pictures of buildings that feature one-of-a-kind window designs and carved wood doors with impressive and meaningful metal details are very useful today for designers and architects looking for inspirations for modern homes.

pictures of buildings european windows decoration, france
Plan a trip to Colles sur Loup and enjoy old streets
Typical building in south of France
Provence colors – sky blue, deep yellow and lush green, France cityscapes
Flower pots create French charm
Flower pots create French charm, Provence travel images

Pictures of old buildings are always interesting, and make a popular topic in architectural photography. Various periods of the medieval times created unique stone buildings, and  your photo gallery of old buildings in La Colles sur Luop may dramatically differ from other collections, depending on your personal interests and style in architectural photography.

Flowers are everywhere, French charm
Flowers are everywhere, French charm

Window designs and carved doors are true decorations and works of art, that add more interest and fabulous accents to European cityscapes in Cote d’Azur, France. This small town became popular from the 12th century onwards, and windows and doors reflect the booming period of this amazing place in 16th century Provence.

White laundry drying in the window, Provence travel images
White laundry drying in the window, European cityscapes

This small town is the perfect place to visit when staying in Nice. Car rental is rather expensive in Cote d’Azur and may cost around 100 euros per day for a small car. If you like budget travel plan a trip to La Colles sur Loup using public bus transportation with very reasonable fees of around 2 euros. Most buses depart from the area of place Massena in Nice.

Balcony covered with green vines
Balcony covered with green vines, pictures of buildings

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