beachfront market with jamaican wood carvings

Jamaican gift ideas, what to bring from Jamaica vacation

Gift market, Bloody Bay

Jamaica is a very popular Caribbean destination and it has a variety of souvenirs to choose from. Everybody that has been on a tropical vacation has faced the question of what to bring back. Jamaican gift ideas include local arts and crafts, rum, and coffee.

Bright and colorful Jamaican gifts on the beachfront
Jamaican artist working on a wood carving at a Negril crafts shop

Jamaican arts and crafts are very colorful and reflect the laid laid-back and cheerful culture of this Caribbean island. One must pay attention and try to find authentic made in Jamaica artworks because many of the gifts are imported. Good places to look for original Jamaican gifts are craft shops where you can see people carving wood, painting, etc.

Negril, Jamaica besides the best beaches also has a whole arts and crafts village where you can browse many shops, talk to the local people, and select souvenirs.

Arts and crafts area in Negril, Jamaica is an excellent place to find a perfect Jamaican gift
Conque shells spread out on the beach for sale to tourists in Negril, Jamaica

Jamaican rum and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee are two presents that anybody would be happy to bring back.  Other items where caution has to be exercised are shells from the sea or other protected species products. Many countries do not allow tourists to take those back home in order to protect the environment. However, you can always see many conque shells or other similar items for sale at many beaches and beachfront markets.

Calabash crafts in various colors – another great souvenir to bring back from Jamaica
Jamaican colors has – green, yellow, red and black with long dreadlocks
Beachfront gift market on Bloody Bay, Negril
Gift shop on the shore near the Riu Negril resort

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Amazing colors at the Jamaican gift shop
Nice paintings of tropical landscapes and scenes for sale at the beach
Jamaican man selling towels and hats with Jamaican flag and colors
Jamaica map – wood carving with a sign No Problem
Colorful beach bags hung from the tree branches
Wood carvings for sale in Jamaica
Turtle carving – great Jamaican gift idea
Burlap bags with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee
Bloody bay beach gift shop
Wooden mask carving of a Jamaican man with dreadlocks
Beautiful conque shells are not allowed by many countries as a gift.
T-shirts, wood carvings, bags and hats – usual offering at Jamaican gift shops
Three rows of paintings depicting life in Jamaica for sale at arts and crafts village in Negril

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