Peaceful reflections at sunrise contrast with the abandoned place

Salton Sea: Sad Icon of an Ecological Tragedy

Salton City, CA, USA


Like a photograph reminding one of the old times, the Salton Sea awakens the memories of the great times filled with busy marinas, exciting water-skiing games, and concerts. Once a trendy holiday destination, the area now tells tales about the good old days of active tourism and a vibrant party atmosphere. The motels, frayed walkways, and the empty shores now are a contrast to the beaches that were once bustling with various sports and water activities.

quiete early morning at Salton sea beach
The Sandy Beach with a Glorious View of the Mountains
Poles with crystalized sediment near the shore
Poles at the Deserted Marina with Mountain Backdrop

Located in the southwestern part of California, the sea is essentially an inland salt-water lake occupying the Salton Basin. The various ecological problems including the increasing salinity of the water, and accumulating pollution are some of the many aspects responsible for transforming the Salton Sea into an environmental disaster. The abandoned shorelines, empty stretches of roads, and the various signs are now common sights in the area.

With the rising salinity, the diversity of the fishes has indeed been affected, yet it is encouraging. The Salton Sea State Recreational Area also acts host to a variety of birds’ species. The sea holds an abundance of fishes on which the migrating and resident birds feed.

Sun rising above abandoned playground
Empty Playground near the Shoreline
Pink clouds at sunrise reflecting in the lake
Clouds and Trees Reflected in the Water

One of the major landmarks of the area, the North Shore Beach and Yacht Club holds great significance, both historically and architecturally. The building is a standing example of the remarkable design of the reputed architect Albert Frey. However, with the rising water levels affecting the jetty adversely, the area became quite risky for docking the boats. One can view the expansive sights and beautiful desert landscapes by hiking along the shoreline.

dramatic angle view of the Salton Sea
Abandoned Sea Shore under the Delicate Sunset Lighting
Dead tilapia fish due to low oxygen and polluted water
Picture of the Frayed Shore Scattered with Dead Sea Creatures


Dead Fish on the Salton Sea North Shore
Dead Fish on the Salton SeaShore
Dead dried-out stinky fish
Lifeless Fish and Marine Creatures Strewn across the Sea Coast
North Shore Motel ruins
Abandoned motel at North Shore
Boarded up motel doors and windows
The Motel Sign and the Desolate Building
Bush flowering on the ruins
Dilapidated Walkways and Buildings, Salton Sea
Dry abandoned pool with graffitti
An Empty Pool in Ruins near the Motel
Ruins of a fishing building at North Shore
Wild Bushes Growing near Abandoned Fishing License Bait Building

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