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Flower pictures of succulent desert plants at botanical gardens

San Marino, CA, USA


Succulent desert plants usually bloom in the spring and their flowers are very spectacular and very colorful. These pictures of flowers were taken in the month of April at the botanical gardens of Huntington Library near Pasadena, California.

Closeup view of a flower from Crassulaceae family, Echeveria Gilva
Echeveria Gilva – succulent plant spring blossom
A cluster of red flowers of euphorbia milii, crown of thorns red bunch
Macro image of a red flowering branch of Euphorbia milii

Desert Plants Flowers Photo Gallery

There is always something blooming here. April is the best month if you want to see desert plants and flowers. Admission is free on the first Thursday of every month and many visitors take advantage of that.

Closeup view of succulent plant from South Africa.
Light purple Ruschia Spinescens flower, origin South Africa
Low angle view of purple iceplant flowers, abstract art
Iceplant flowers isolated against white background abstract photo

The climate of Southern California is perfect for desert plants and they reward people with amazing blooms in the spring. It is true that there is always some plant blooming at the gardens of Huntington Library however the cacti and other similar desert plants bloom early in the spring when there is plenty of rain.

Flying saucer cacti in full bloom, echinopsis
Echinopsis family of cacti blooming – red flying saucer
Flying saucer cacti in full bloom, echinopsis
Clusters of red cactus flower, Echinopsis – flying saucer red floral picture
Closeup macro shot of a white cactus bloom, trichocereus candicans
Trichocereus Candicans – White floral beauty – this cactus is of Argentine origin
Close-up picture of aeonium cyclops plant, succulent desert flora.
Aeonium leaves are very fleshy to store water for long periods

Walk around this botanical garden is very pleasant, there is a lake, a small brook with a Japanese bridge, a huge camellia grove, and of course desert plants garden that draws a lot of visitors and photographers in the spring. Flowers range in size from small, little bell-shaped to huge red saucer-like blossoms. Ice flowers form great, colorful carpets.

Golden Barrel cacti at botanical garden, row of three Echinocactus Grusonii
Rows of golden spines of barrel cactus – Echinocactus Grusonii
Cactus from South America - Oreocereus Celsianus
Oreocereus Celsianus, from South America, is also known as Old Man of the Andes

Flying saucer cactus flowers attract a lot of attention and are spectacular for taking pictures. Another succulent desert plant, echeveria is small and easy to miss; however, its flowers are quite nice and delicate. In order to make great pictures of flower details, it is nice to have a camera with a macro lens.


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