Remnants of the boardwalk with a bench in Atlantic City

Atlantic City boardwalk damage caused by climate change and hurricane Sandy

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Latitude: 39.3682, Longtitude: -74.4114


Atlantic City boardwalk was badly damaged by superstorm Sandy. It is generally agreed that this storm intensity was enhanced by climate change that caused unusually warm ocean waters off the US coast.

atlantic city boardwalk damage climate change - abstract images
Concrete structure – remains of boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy
atlantic city boardwalk Absecon lighthouse
Absecon lighthouse and sand-covered streets, lighthouse photo

Atlantic city boardwalk damage was mostly fixed and repaired. However, if you go beyond Revel casino in the direction of the inlet you will see the damage caused by this hurricane. Urban decay is everywhere in this part of Atlantic City. First, there will be a hotel completely abandoned right on the boardwalk. Then the boardwalk becomes dangerous to walk on – some boards are missing or are about to cave in. There is a barrier to prevent people but many still go around it. You may take this route at your own risk if you want to get to Flagship resort or Atlantic city Aquarium. This walk becomes much more pleasant after passing the Flagship resort.

Atlantic City Boardwalk can also lead you to another famous – Absecon lighthouse. Lighthouse is actually a couple of streets behind Revel, not on the shore. Hurricane Sandy completely destroyed AC Boardwalk in this area and only concrete structures remain. The shore is covered with industrial debris – pieces of concrete, bricks, wooden boards. There are lots of broken wooden piles and columns sticking from the ground. The city does not have the resources to deal with this urban decay.

atlantic city boardwalk destroyed by super storm, climate change concept abstract images
Boardwalk remnants, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Atlantic city
Damaged concrete posts are occupied by cormorant colony
The cormorant colony is taking over the destroyed structure

Cormorants and fishermen don’t seem to mind this and are the only ones enjoying these remnants. The rebuilding of the boardwalk all the way to the aquarium will be a great industrial project and will be completed one day. This illustrates the power of nature and the need to deal with excessive fossil fuels usage that causes pollution and climate change.


atlantic city boardwalk pieces at ocean shore, Atlantic City hurricane sandy damage
Debris of the boardwalk at Atlantic City beach, abstract images
Pictures of birds - cormorants sitting on boardwalk wreck in Atlantic City
Cormorants sitting on deteriorating concrete structure, Atlantic City New Jersey
AC boardwalk remnants, urban decay
Atlantic City boardwalk damaged by climate change and superstorm Sandy
Hurricane damage to the shore structures
Atlantic City shore remains a wreck
Absecon lighthouse and a man sitting on the shore littered with broken pieces of buildings
Absecon lighthouse in the midst of urban decay
atlantic city boardwalk missing and ripped apart boards, urban decay
Dangerous condition of Atlantic City boardwalk, climate change caused damage
atlantic city boardwalk in need of repair and sand dunes protected with young vegetation
Boards were torn from the boardwalk, sand dunes with freshly planted growth
Facade of the former waterfront hotel in Atlantic City, abstract images
Ocean facing hotel building abandoned after superstorm Sandy in Atlantic City, abstract architecture
atlantic city boardwalk damage and abandoned hotel
Abandoned hotel in Atlantic City
Forsaken hotel in atlantic city
Urban Decay of the Facade of the hotel neglected after the storm
Ocean shore and boardwalk damage near residential building
Semi abandoned building near badly damaged boardwalk and shore
Boardwalk damaged by the hurricane
Two blue benches left hanging on the boardwalk in Atlantic City
AC logo on concrete damaged by the storm

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