Night view of the Absecon lighthouse and casinos in Atlantic City

Absecon lighthouse is a great historical landmark

Absecon lighthouse


Absecon lighthouse is one of many marine-related historical landmarks in Atlantic City. Monument to Christopher Columbus pays tribute to the famous explorer in the shopping district, and it is a reminder of a large Italian community. The Atlantic city logo also features marine life – two seahorses. There are other monuments and plaques scattered around the boardwalk. If one wants to learn more about the history of the city, then visiting the Absecon lighthouse and museum is a must.

Close-up view of the lighthouse top
Monument to Columbus

Absecon lighthouse marks the entrance to Absecon Inlet in Atlantic City however, it is not used for navigation anymore. It is a designated historical site and a museum. Lighthouse is very tall; in fact, it is the third largest in the USA at 52m high (171 feet). Absecon lighthouse is open for visitors to climb all the way up to where the light is, all 228 stairs. Lighthouse is located at the northeast end of the boardwalk, behind the newly renovated apartment building. The lighthouse is over 150 years old, and the museum has lots of educational historical exhibits.

Beautiful Atlantic City crest with sea horses
Absecon lighthouse and casino lights at night, beautiful black and white structure 171 feet tall
Absecon lighthouse and lighthouse quarters museum


Atlantic city cityscape with Absecon lighthouse
Absecon Lighthouse, a historic site at night

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