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Acadian homes always had potager gardens, travel images

Traditional potager garden, Acadian House

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
Latitude: 44.7392, Longtitude: -65.5148

Nova Scotia is known as Canada’s playground. Rightfully so. Nova Scotia attractions include lots of outdoor adventures – hiking, sailing, surfing. There are many national and provincial parks with camping facilities. Nova Scotia also has many historic places and museums, like replica of Acadian house in Annapolis Royal. Acadia was the name for this region used by first French explorers and settlers. Annapolis Royal was called Port Royal then and was the capital of Acadia.

historic acadian house replica at Annapolis Royal, nova scotia travel images
Acadian house overlooking salt marshes and dykes
history preservation - historic details of traditional Acadian home
Old chairs and window using leather, preservation of history at Acadian house

Preservation of Acadian heritage in Annapolis Royal commemorates events when after British colonial wars thousands of Acadians were forcefully deported. Some were sent back to France some to Louisiana. There the name Acadian changed to cajun. So Acadian and cajun terms mean descendants of original French settlers. Later British allowed Acadians to return to Nova Scotia. Preservation of Acadian heritage is an important effort to remember this deportation and lessons of history.

Nova Scotia attractions in Annapolis Royal offer a visit to historic botanical gardens which have a replica of traditional Acadian house. To plan a trip to Annapolis Royal from Halifax you have to allow full day as road trip one way would be about 3 hours. There are other Nova Scotia attractions in Annapolis Royal. Visit historic Fort Anne and add travel images to your photo gallery. Walk through old town with numerous cafes and historic buildings, relax on the Annapolis river waterfront or explore tidal power generation information center. Annapolis river flows into Bay of Fundy which has worlds highest tides. Using the power of the tidal water is a green way to generate electricity and reduce pollution.

old acadian house, pictures of buildings in Nova Scotia
Traditional Acadian house with bake oven and potager garden, Nova Scotia travel images
nova scotia attractions - Acadian house, pictures of buildings
Traditional style Acadian house, Nova Scotia travel images

Preservation of Acadian heritage efforts created a replica of the original Acadian house at botanical gardens. The house is constructed using traditional materials and has a thatched roof. The building sits on top of a small hill overlooking salt marshes and dykes. Acadians built dykes in order to gain valuable agricultural land along the banks of  the rivers. There are also several potager style gardens near this Acadian house – definite reminder of French origins. You can take inspiring pictures of buildings to add to your photo gallery collection. These days when eco friendly houses become more popular it is a good idea to learn from the past. The use of  eco friendly materials with small or no carbon footprint will help us save the environment. Thatched roof is one such element of traditional Acadian house. Bake oven can also be incorporated in modern houses. This small museum can teach us a lot about Acadian heritage and being more eco friendly.

Nova Scotia outdoor adventures nearby are hiking trails with waterfall, whale watching or bird watching. Plan a trip to Annaplois Royal and bring back lots of travel images for your photo gallery.

Small Acadian house with thatched roof, pictures of buildings
Things to do in Nova Scotia – visit Acadian house, in Annapolis Royal
Nova Scotia Acadian house has very simple interiors, travel images
Old house interiors is very basic, Acadian house
Stone bake oven and fireplace, interiors of Acadian house
Bake oven and fireplace of Acadian house in Nova Scotia
historic design of window and roof at Acadian house
Window and roof design, traditional Acadian home
Acadian house thatched roof close image, eco friendly roof
Thatched roof close-up image, Eco-friendly roof
abstract image of a thatched roof
Thatched roof close picture, abstract images

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