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Outdoor Christmas decorations in Monrovia, CA, 20 Christmas Holidays photos

Monrovia, California, USA


Monrovia is a small town in the greater Los Angeles area in southern California. It is one of the oldest towns and has a rich history. It is easily accessible via the 210 highway. Monrovia’s main street is south Myrtle Avenue and is a very pleasant walking district full of small shops and restaurants. You would want to visit the part of this street between Foothill Boulevard and Huntington Drive.

holiday decorations in Mnorovia, night images
Monrovia street light decorated for Christmas
Christmas lights and decorations, night street photography
Street lights and Christmas decorations at Myrtle avenue, night images

Beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations are set up by the town along Myrtle avenue. This street is very special during festive Christmas season. There is no real winter in southern California but these holiday decorations create winter mood and really unique southern winter scenes.

Christmas lights make it a delight to walk along this street, do some window or real shopping, have a bite or a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy the night cityscapes.

Outdoor Xmas decorations above fountain, night street photo
Fountain and Christmas decorations at night
Christmas lights and a restaurant at night
Night street scene during Christmas holidays

The walk is just several blocks and if you like street photography there will be great opportunities along the way. For great night images, it would be advisable to have a lens with a large aperture. Each step in aperture settings allows twice as much light into the camera. This, in turn, will allow to use lower ISO and result in better quality night images. Another advantage would be the ability not to use flash which often ruins night images.

All pictures in this series were taken with Nikon 35mm lens with 1.8 maximum aperture. This lens is very affordable and yet delivers quality sharp night images. Using a prime lens like that also requires a photographer to move around for correct composition and cropping of the scene.

steak and seafod restaurant, Monrovia night images
People eating out during Christmas holiday season
Night reflections of street and holiday decorations
Night reflections of street and holiday decorations

 Night street photography tips

1. Use a lens with a large aperture.

monrovia outdoor christmas decorations night images
Christmas light in the tree
Night street scene, winter in southern California
Night street scene, winter in southern California

2. Do not use flash.

3. Use a tripod or for handheld night images set 1/30 shutter speed.

Holiday season, Monrovia Myrtle street
The holiday season, Monrovia Myrtle avenue
Monrovia, CA night images
Night street photography, Monrovia, CA

4. Exercise caution at night especially if a location is not very safe.

Season's greetings store window decorations
Season’s greetings store window decorations
Christmas toys and Christmas tree store window
Christmas toys and Christmas tree store window
Vibrant outdoor Christmas decorations night cityscapes
Colorful street lights and winter holiday decorations
Monrovia cityscape at night, California, USA
Myrtle avenue night cityscape in Monrovia California
Vintage Krikorian movie theater neon sign at night
Classic neon lights of Krikorian movie theater

Street lights and holiday decorations photo gallery


Monrovia Myrtle street Krikorian movie theatre
Krikorian theatre bright neon lights
People at a sushi restaurant, night street photography
People at the Sushi place during holiday season


Sushi restaurant street lights, Monrovia cityscapes
Sushi restaurant street lights

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