Night view of New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip: City Nights and City Lights

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Las Vegas Strip comes to life during night and it is absolutely amazing place for night photography. Las Vegas city nights and city lights transform the feel of the cityscape with their bright lights and illumination.

Harrah’s Lights at Night, casino pictures
Design of Harrah’s Hotel Exterior, glitz and glamour
The Vibrant city nights
Las Vegas strip at night

Las Vegas Strip at Night Pictures

The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, is famous for its modern architecture and contemporary design, so prepare to take pictures of buildings at night.

Stunning Light Decorations of Bellagio
Bellagio Hotel at night
Entrance Harrah’s Casino
Harrah’s Hotel, Night Cityscape

If you want to plan a trip on the strip, you can use a route planner, e.g. Goolge Earth – this travel planner will allow you to find attractions you want to see and measure distances between them. This is important as the Las Vegas strip is a very big street, and to walk it all, photographing night street scenes will require one to be in good physical condition.

Amid the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas strip attractions and cityscape, picture opportunities are everywhere and having and following your travel itinerary is important. Otherwise, you will definitely miss a street scene and coming back may not be possible or practical.

Person imitating Elvis Presley
Elvis Impersonator near Casino Royale
Flamingo Pink Neon Lights
Pink Sign of the Flamingo Casino

A place renowned across the world for its dazzling city nights and city lights for its pulsating nightlife, Las Vegas is a city that welcomes tourists and party enthusiasts from all over the world.

Many renowned restaurants, diners, and cafes on the Las Vegas Strip stay open all night. One can relish cuisines and gourmet dishes from different parts of the world.

Strip lights
Illuminated Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower seen from Bally’s

Vegas is home to some of the most amazing nightclubs on the planet. The spacious dance floors, effervescent drinks, and great music build the perfect party atmosphere. However, when you get tired of partying, get outside, get some fresh air and enjoy Las Vegas strip beautiful cityscape.

Beautiful Fountain, Las Vegas Strip
Beautiful Fountain, Las Vegas Strip


A name synonymous with entertainment and excitement, Las Vegas strip provides some incredible street scenes. One can even enjoy the wonderful city lights from an aerial view.

Paris Balloon Lights
Paris hotel at the Strip

You can hire helicopter tours and fly over the illuminated cityscape at night. Or you can go up the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel and capture amazing night street scenes. These Las Vegas pictures will remind you later of a great Las Vegas vacation, especially if you set it up as a desktop background.

Glitz and Glamour, Paris Casino
The Popular Harley Davidson Café, The Strip Night Scene

Many tourists capture the splendor of the Las Vegas strip city nights.  The glitz and glamor that defines the Las Vegas nightlife is indeed unique, if you enjoy street photography, this is the place to be.

When you plan a trip to Las Vegas, keep in mind other Nevada attractions nearby – Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire State Park. Plan a trip a little further and you can visit St. George, Utah, with its unusual LDS temple or Grand Canyon – a natural wonder of the world.

Bright Signs of Convenience Stores
Convenience stores at the strip
Night Building Picture, Lights Decorating Monte Carlo casino
Dazzling Lights at Monte Carlo Hotel

Night street photography tips for the Las Vegas strip:

1. Wear comfortable shoes and have a bottle of water handy.

New York – New York casino
New York – New York hotel
Giant Coke Bottle with Red Neon Lights
Giant Coca Cola Bottle

2. Plan a trip and stick to it, do not get distracted, be aware of your surroundings, stay safe.

3. Bring a wide-angle lens as well as a 50mm lens- typical street photography glass.

Cityscape at Night
New York New York at the Strip
Statue of Liberty at Las Vegas strip

5. Use a fast lens with apertures starting at 1.4 or 1.8 and use a tripod for static objects.

Illuminated MGM Grand
MGM Grand hotel and casino
Brightly Lit Golden MGM GrandLion
The Majestic Statue of a Lion at MGM Grand
Colorful Lights Excalibur Towers at night
Colorful Excalibur Castle in Las Vegas cityscape
Golden Lights of Mandalay Bay
Treasure Island Hotel
Treasure Island
Lights Decorating Mirage Casino at night
Sphinx Replica at Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas Pictures
The Amazing Sphinx, Luxor Hotel, and Casino

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