Porcelain cups and a vase with golden accents

Rare antique porcelain sets at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

The Villa was built by Baronness Béatrice de Rothschild in 1912, just before World War I. This is one of many beautiful estates in Europe that symbolize the end of the Belle Epoque.

Two porcelain plates by Vincennes, circa 1752 Paris France
Dining room near the cafe with a display of fine porcelain and crystal.

Baronness donated the estate in 1934 and now it is a museum. The building itself is unique as well as many art objects collected by Beatrice. There are rare clocks, carpets, furniture pieces and an amazing porcelain collection.

There are two rooms dedicated to porcelain. The plates, dishes, cups are well preserved and provide a glimpse into the historic dining room of the Louis XV era.

Amazing porcelain displays at a historic villa
Sign for the Saxony porcelain, 18th century
Rare porcelain pieces manufactured in the 1750-s by Vincennes, Paris France.
Blue vase allegedly belonged to marquise de Pompadour.
Porcelain figurines and dishes at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
Antique candle holders and clocks
Amazing porcelain set with a triangular dish made by Sevres, circa 1757 Paris France.

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