amazing architecture of watts towers in loas angeles california

Roadside Sculptures- Depicting Novelty Architecture of California

Los Angeles, California, USA


Anyone who has ever been to California would definitely mention the bizarre and weird roadside sculptures across the state. These amazing sculptures signify the novelty architecture of California, for which it is famous all over. The Watts Towers in Los Angeles is a  structure standing higher than 99 feet. The Towers were designated a historical landmark. They were built by the efforts of one man and are a great example of modern American art.

Tony The Muffler Man Holding a Car
Muffler Man Tony at Tony’s Transmission in Los Angeles
Sculptures with the Backdrop of Transmissions Signboard
Bizarre Roadside Sculpture with Transmissions Board

Another interesting roadside sculpture in California is the Muffler man – Tony of Tony’s Transmission in Los Angeles. Tony, the Muffler man, used to be located at 4322 East Cesar E. Chavez Ave, but unfortunately, today, only a pole remains of where the statue was and a yellow transmission case mounted in a round hoop. You can also find another muffler man in San Jose, who is named Babe, it stands in front of the Babe’s Mufflers. Then there is the Muffler Man located at smog Check in Van Nuys.

There is another exciting roadside sculpture created by Hand Car Wash at Studio City. Located at Ventura Boulevard, this sculpture shows a giant hand holding a Sign of Hand Car Wash with a car on top of it. You can also see some fantastic roadside sculptures at A Foreign u-pull parts in Sun Valley, which includes sculptures of truck and motorbike, plane and junkyard warriors, etc.

A Sculpture Transmission Man of Car in Wrecks
Roadside Sculpture Showing a Man Stuck in the Front of the Car
Muffler Man at Smog Check
Roadside Sculptures- Muffler Man at Smog Check in Van Nuys
Close View of the Smog Check Muffler Man
Smog Check Muffler Man in Blue Pants and White Shirt
Giant Sculpture at Hand Car Wash at Studio City
Sculpture Showing Hand Car Wash Sign and Red Car
Hand Car Wash Sculpture with American Flag
Colossal Hand Car Wash Sculpture Touching the Sky
A Giant Hand Holding a Signboard and Car
The Magnificent Hand Car Wash Sign
U Pick Parts’ Truck and Motorbike Roadside Sculpture
Sculpture of Truck and Motorbike at U Pick Parts, CA
Truck and Motorbike Sculpture California
The Tilted Truck and Motorbike at U Pick Parts
Close Picture of Truck Sculpture Showing the Driver
The Driver inside the Truck Sculpture
Photo of Plane at U Pick U Pull Foreign Auto
Sculpture of a Plane at U Pick U Pull Foreign Auto
Junk Yard Warriors at A Foreign u-Pull Parts
Giant Junk Yard Warriors at A Foreign u-pull parts in Sun Valley
Watts Towers
Watts Towers view from the park

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