scenice beauty of dates palm plantation

Dates Grove Indio Coachella Valley is a great day trip idea

Coachella Valley, California, USA

Dates plantations are only a short drive away from Palm Springs. It is a pretty and scenic route along Highway 111.

Close view of Wrapped Dates Fruit
Wrapped Date Fruits
Close View of the covered dates
A Closer Look at the Palm Date Groves

Shields Date Garden is a must-see shop, cafe, museum date drove and nature walk all in one. There you can learn interesting facts about the dates, try date shakes and other dishes that include dates. You can even watch a movie “The Romance & Sex Life of the Date” that plays all day long. The shop offers a variety of date-related gift ideas such as books, candies, snacks and gift boxes. After this stop you can see actual dates groves, enter One Hundred Palms as a destination on your navigator and it will take you right into the center of the fields. Dates Groves stretch from Coachella to Mecca and all the way to the Salton Sea.

Located in Southern California, the Coachella Valley is reputed for its resorts, spas, and golf courses and is generally considered a playground for the rich. Not many people know that this area has a well-developed agricultural industry and produces a lot of dates fruit.  The date is an oval or cylindrical-shaped fruit that contains a single, thick stone. The soft dates are consumed by people all over the world and the dates are appreciated for their characteristic sweet flavor. They are also an excellent source for several essential nutrients and so are considered to be healthy food. The date groves located in Indio Coachella Valley offer a wide variety of premium quality date fruits. The area has a suitable climate and soil conditions that support the extensive plantation and growth of different varieties of dates. The farms are very close to the shores of Salton Sea and are blamed by some for the run-off that damaged that lake.

Road by Dates Farm
Dates Plantation in Coachella Valley, California
Picture of Dates on the Palm Tree
Clusters of Brightly Colored Ripe Dates

The date groves are managed and maintained industriously so that the increasing demands for quality dates fruit can be met suitably. The dates are wind-pollinated naturally, however in commercial groves and horticulture facilities, they are pollinated manually. The companies, occupied in growing and maintaining date gardens, make sure to choose excellent date plants, which can bear quality and nutrient-rich date fruits.  The dates have a firm texture and are moist and sweet to taste.

The impressive date groves in Coachella Valley require consistent and organized labor and care. The date palms are carefully planted some distance apart so that each tree gets adequate sunlight and water. The people working on these date groves are experienced and knowledgeable about the various aspects of the plantation. The thorns in the fronds are removed and the fruits are also thinned to allow better circulation. Special bags are wrapped around the fruit clusters to protect them from the elements, insects, and birds. The ripe dates fruit from the groves in Indio is harvested at the right time, ready to be supplied to people all over the world.

Dates ripening on the farm
Dates Palm Fruit Bunches
Picture of the Lush Date Groves
Flourishing Dates Farm

February is a good month to visit this area since they usually have an exhibition and a fair to show off their products and entertain. February is considered high season for Coachella Valley so planning in advance is advisable.

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