Street Scenes from Santa Monica in California

Santa Monica Pier as seen from above, free image

View from the Palisades Park at Santa Monica Pier

California, USA
Latitude: 34.0168, Longtitude: -118.5018

Santa Monica, California should be on anyone’s list of places to visit while in the area. This nice coastal town can be reached via I-10 just off the I-405. Once you get of the exit go to the intersection of 3-rd street and Broadway. The shopping mall there allows three hour free parking, after that you have to pay and display. It is a very good location to explore Santa Monica. One can easily walk to Santa Monica Pier, stroll through Palisades Park, go to the beach and then come back to Santa Monica Place for shopping or to get a bite to eat and take a break from the sun.

People on a beach, overcast day
Sun trying break through marine layer
A jogger on the beach in Santa Monica
Running along the ocean

Although sun is not always a problem. It is California but depending on the time of year you visit you may encounter what is known locally as a “marine layer”. It could be bright and sunny in Hollywood but once you reach the coast thick fog and clouds will block the sunshine. The ocean here does not get too warm in the summer and its temperature stays pretty much the same year round.

This offers an opportunity to cool off and to get some fresh ocean air.  Palisades Park is located on top of the cliffs above the beach and has a lot of nice benches in the shade. People also bring their own chairs or just sit on the grass. Because of warm climate this place has a number of “resident” homeless people. While they can distract from the serenity of the place, they are totally friendly and harmless. You can often notice how they greet local joggers, musicians etc.

Soap bubbles deliver fun to the kids
Kids playing with bubbles near the pier
Sleeping on cardboard
Person sleeping in the sun at Palisades Park

Santa Monica Pier is a totally different experience. Always full of people with children lining up for food or attractions. The beach near the pier is often used to conduct various public campaigns. It is easy to find an activity here for any taste. Come visit Santa Monica and you will definitely like it.


Plastic bags keep belonings of a homeless
Homeless person at Palisades Park with all belongings
person sitting on a folding chair in the sun
Enjoying the sun under the palm tree


display of soldiers casualties of war
People looking at photos of soldiers killed in action 2007
Each cross represents killed soldier
Mock-up cemetery near Santa Monica Pier 2007
2007 war protest California
Santa Monica beach protest against the war 2007
Beach and the pier on a foggy day
Marine Layer clouds over Santa Monica Pier
People on a beach, overcast day
Sun trying break through marine layer
sun shining on the ocean and beach
View of the beach from the park above
shopping mall escalator and people
Interior of the Santa Monica Place 2007

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