Abstract photograph of the waterfall

Water Abstract Pictures Ocean, Lake, Stream, Rain

Noli Beach, Savona, Italy


Water provides numerous opportunities for taking abstract images. Lake ripples, ocean waves, atmospheric vapor, fog, rain, drops, mist, dew, the list goes on. To photograph a solid state of water, one has to live in a cold climate. Ice, icicles, snow and snowflakes will be the subject of another post.

photograph through the rainy window
Rain Picture Through The Window, abstract art
Ocean surface shiny texture image
Abstract image of ocean texture

 Abstract Water Images Photo Gallery

Taking pictures of water’s liquid state represents its own challenges, especially with digital cameras susceptible to moisture damage while shooting during rain. If splashes get to your lens, they could be difficult to get rid of when everything is wet. Fogging up is another issue that may come up when photographing water and humidity is high.

Ocean Silver Light Reflection Texture
Water Reflections Texture
soft ripples and dapple light
Smooth water surface and dapple light

It is always a good idea to dry out the camera and lens after such conditions. Special care should be taken of the camera focusing capabilities to get the focus point exactly where you want it.

Photos of water surfaces, be it ocean, lake, or brook, make a beautiful background or can be used to make nice wall art. It is also important to remember that the use of a tripod or monopod is likely to be warranted when shooting with the lens stopped down in order to get a large depth of field.

Water stream flow soft smooth surface
Forest brook water flow, abstract image
fountain at night backlit water drops
Fountain and new moon at night

Atmospheric conditions also usually occur early in the morning or at dusk when there is insufficient light for handheld shooting. Water is a fascinating subject to photograph and can produce stunning results with proper shooting techniques.

Raindrops making circular ripples
Raindrops making circular ripples
Rain circles on the lake
Rain circles
Stream Black and White Photo
Water flow pattern over the gravel bottom
River Flow Reflecting Light
River Flows Reflections
Gravel sea bottom distorted by sea surface in the Ligurian Sea
Amazing abstract patterns of the sea bottom view distorted by sea surface in the Ligurian Sea

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