Burbank office of Warner Bros.

A Peek into the Warner Bros Entertainment World in Hollywood

Burbank, California, USA
Latitude: 34.1516, Longtitude: -118.3363


Warner Bros. Entertainment is a renowned production house producing films, television and music entertainment in America. A short form for Warner Brothers, it is counted amongst the major film studios in America and has headquarters in Burbank, California and New York. It is a subsidiary of the popular Time Warner.

Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck, famous cartoon characters
Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck greet visitors at the main entrance
Warner Bros. Records Inc. Sign
Huge Sign of Warner Bros. Records Inc. amidst Greenery

Warner Bros. Studios is a great road trip ideas if you happen to be near Hollywood. You get to see the behind-the-scenes world of various shows and movies. The opportunity of getting an insight into the real work of Hollywood is amazing. Exploring the backlot streets, sets, sound stages and craft shops at the Warner Bros is extremely insightful and entertaining. You can also enjoy a great lunch at the Commissary Fine Dining Room.

You might catch some of your favorite television or movie stars in action as you can walk on the sets of the shows or movies being shot here at that time. The Big Bang Theory, Conan, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Mentalist, Two and a Half Men, Pretty Little Liars, Mike & Molly are just a few of the TV shows that are shot at Warner Bros headquarter at Burbank CA.  Other road trip ideas while in Hollywood may include a drive along the famous Mulholland drive, a day trip to  Angeles Crest, a road trip to Santa Monica, Malibu or Santa Barbara. If you prefer the desert go for a ride to Palm Springs. The weather is usually great, roads are busy but decent.  This is California, a road trip adventure awaits you, get in your car, and go.

A US Flag at the Studio Water Tower
Iconic Warner Bros Studios Water tower near Gate No. 4
Blue Glass Building with WB Logo
The Office Building of Warner Bros. Inc.
Colorful Logo at the Studio featuring main movie characters
Amazing Logo of Warner Bros. Studios
Picture of the Warner Brother office
The Office Building of the Studio
Bugs Bunny Cartoon Statue at Studio
Sculpture of the Popular Bugs Bunny with a hat
Picture of the WB Water Tank
Iconic water tank of Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA
The Way to Warner Bros. Entertainment
The Grand Entrance of Warner Bros. Studio offices
Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny figures in Burbank WB office
Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny Statues at the entrance to WB offices

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