High desert landscapes of Twentynine Palms are perfect for abstract images

Twentynine Palms - unique desert landscapes

High desert landscapes of Twentynine Palms

Twentynine Palms, California, USA
Latitude: 34.1509, Longtitude: -115.9860

Twentynine Palms is a small town near Joshua Tree National Park and about one hour drive from Palm Springs. This destination is off the beaten path and offers great escape to nature, vast desert landscapes and rugged mountains.

Houses are spread out in the desert, landscape photography
Old House in the desert
A wreck of an old camper - great setting for abstract images
Abandoned camper in the desert

Houses and cottages are dotted all over the deserts landscape. This is a unique opportunity to see and experience desert living.

This is also an excellent opportunity to experiment with landscape photography and abstract art images.

Decaying capmer - abstract image
Abstract image illustrating concept of decay
Blue skies above the falling apart structure, abstract art
Closer look at the old camper in desert sun under blue skies

The streets are marked with wooden posts and are actually sand dirt roads some of which are better maintained than others. When planning a road trip consider taking four wheel drive vehicle for going through sand.

When taking abstract images it is important to think about feelings that they will provoke or what abstract concepts to convey.

abstract images Twentynine Palms
Abstract texture of old camper
Wreck abtract images in the high desert near 29 Palms
Complete wreck in the desert

Photography ideas for abstract images are everywhere in the desert. Natural patterns of sand dunes, road lines, jagged silhouettes of dried out bushes, light and shadows areĀ  all prime candidates for abstract art. The light in high desert near Twentynine Palms is special as well, skies are mostly blue and clear and can create a nice background for abstract art images.

Mountains surround this Mojave desert and will contract nicely with the vast flat surface of the desert. In fact the desert is about contrasts – hot during the day and cold immediately after the sunset, dry and barren yet still somehow nature manages to create species of desert plants able to survive here.

Interiors of an old camper in the desert
This used to be someone’s home, but time and nature take their tall
Abstract image with 1977 year written on concrete
Detail of and old camper foundation, showing 1977

Abandoned and wrecked homes make us feel the eternity and understand that our human presence here is only temporary. Those are powerful abstract concepts.

Photography tips for abstract images photography:

Twentynine Palms desert landscape photography
Desert landscapes create special mood

1. Aim at shooting at sunset and sunrise to get the most out of desert light.

2. Set aperture higher for larger depth of field and more detail.

3. In low light situations use tripod or other support.

4. Experiment with bracketing modes for high dynamic range photos.

5. Check the lens for dust as it is very dry in the desert and can get quite windy during the day.

Other things to do while in the area:



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