Paramount Pictures gate in Hollywood

Taking a Tour of Hollywood Movie Studios in California

Los Angeles, California, USA


If you are fond of movies, then visiting the Hollywood movie studios must have been a source of fascination for you. After all, where can one see their favorite Hollywood stars in action all the time? The fabled gates of leading Hollywood studios are the place where every star of Hollywood must have passed. The centers of Tinseltown imaginations are the place where filmmakers and actors work hard to produce celluloid fantasies behind the high walls of the studios.

Video Cameraman Sculpture at Modern Videofilm
Grand Statue of Video Cameraman at Modern Videofilm
Colonial Culver Studio Building
Beautiful Garden at Culver Studios

California is the hub of Hollywood movie studios, and most of them are located in Los Angeles. Right from the major motion picture studios like Universal, Disney, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros, Sony, Columbia, and MGM to the lesser-known Ren-Mar, Raleigh, Sunset-Gower, and Culver, around a dozen studios are located in CA.

Every studio is unique in itself and will provide a slice of the famous history of the silver screen in an interesting manner. Many studios offer guided tours to some of the popular Hollywood movie studios so that you can see how movies are created and what makes a movie to be appealing for the viewers.

Logo Gower Studios, CA
The building of Gower Studios
Modern Videofilm in California
Offices of Modern Videofilm
Gate of Paramount Pictures at 555 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
Melrose Gate Entrance of Paramount Pictures
Beautiful Palms at Paramount Studios
The Water Tank and Palm Tree at Paramount Studios
Paramount studios at Melrose Ave
Palm Trees Standing Tall at Paramount Pictures
Raleigh Studio at California
The modern office of Raleigh Studio
Sony Pictures Entertainment studios
Sony Pictures Entertainment modern office
Sony Entertainment Plaza in California
The Amazing Architecture of Sony Entertainment Plaza
Sony Entertainment Studios’ Building
Pyramid like building of Sony Pictures Entertainment
The Lot Studio in Los Angeles
The Lot Studio
Hollywood’s Famous Universal Studios
Cars Entering the Universal Studios Hollywood
Charlie Chaplin Movie Studios in LA
The Historic Charlie Chaplin Movie Studios
Beautiful office of Culver Studios
The Historic building of Culver Studios

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