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Exploring the Walt Disney Animation Studios

Burbank, California, USA
Latitude: 34.1544, Longtitude: -118.3240


Anyone who is interested in animated movies would want to visit the Walt Disney Animation Studios. With its headquarters in Burbank, California, this American animation studio was established in the year 1923 under the name, Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Later in the year 1929, the name was changed after it became a part of Walt Disney Productions, which established this studio again to produce animated feature films for the Walt Disney Company.

Animation studios in Burbank, free image
The stylized architecture of the animation studios


Walt Disney Animation Studio California
Walt Disney Animation Studio with the Backdrop of Mountains

Despite being established in the year 1923, Walt Disney ventured into features in the year 1934 as it tried to deviate animators from short subject divisions. The studio released the first full-length animated feature “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in the year 1938, which saw new areas of success overall. The main highlights of this movie were the use of both a multiplane camera and the full-color Technicolor process for the first time in the realm of animation to make a ‘multiplane technicolor’. Walt Disney Animation studio also marked the use of a watermark in Fantasia.

There are many people who arrange for tours to explore Walt Disney Animation Studios and even catch some action with the behind-the-scenes tours. You will be amazed to see the creativity of the people using the space to create hit movies.

Pink Flowers besides the Studio Building
Pink Flowers beside the Studio Building
Hat like studio building design
The Amazing Design of the Studio Building
A Dice and Cone Structure at the Studio
A Dice and Cone Structure at the Studio
Disney Animation studio side view
Large Sign Saying Animation


Night image of animation studio
Scene of the Walt Disney Studio at Night
Disney symbolic studio
A Great View of the Walt Disney Animation Studios
Night image of animation studio
A Car Parked at the Studio
Night image of animation studio
Main entrance the studios
Walt Disney Channel Building
The Sky Touching Building of Walt Disney Channel
Walt Disney Channel Building
Night View of the Walt Disney Channel Building
The Walt Disney Animation Studios at Burbank
The Blue Cone of the Walt Disney
The Blue Logo of Walt Disney Animation
The Blue Magician hat and iron gate styled as Mickey Mouse of Walt Disney Animation

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