Abstract Images taken at Sequoia National Park

Redwood trees symbolize concept of tall and powerful

Sequoia National park
Latitude: 36.5444, Longtitude: -118.7788

Sequoia National Park is a truly magical place and giant redwoods that live for thousands of years represent the symbolism of eternal life, wisdom and reaching for the skies. Abstract images taken at Sequoia National Park will deliver these powerful concepts. Beautiful abstract images will make great desktop backgrounds, they can produce amazing giclee or poster abstract art wall decorations. Modern digital printing technology allows to print abstract images on wallpapers or windows curtains. When you plan a trip to Sequoia National Park remember to look for details and experiment with taking images that convey various abstract concepts.

Rock texture formed by numerous polygons, strong lines, shapes and shadows
Rock texture – strong geometrical lines and shapes

Photography ideas for abstract images are everywhere when you hike through giant redwoods forest. Look for natural patterns and rhythms, shapes and lines, light and reflections, shadows and highlights. Sequoia National Park is located high in Sierra Nevada mountains and there are many rocks and stunning rock formations weathered by time and elements. Rocks are usually associated with being stable and steady. Trees and especially sequoia trees convey different abstract concepts. When you look at these silent giants that have been here for thousands of years you can just feel the eternity and power of nature. Sequoia trees are one of the largest in the world and can used to illustrate abstract concepts of reaching for the skies, power and cycle of life. Bark texture is very special and will make an excellent desktop background or other abstract art objects – giclee, poster etc.

Small pine tree reaching the clouds forwing from granite rock
Contrasts in nature


Redwood tree bark
Sequoia bark texture

1. Use long focal length to isolate details and create an abstract image.

Old Redwood tree grows a new branch, new beginnings
Symbol of rejuvenation – sequoia tree growing a young branch

2. Find unusual point of view.

 small sequoia seedling trying to grow in a mature forest
Young sequoia symbolizes youth and new life

3. Capture tree bark texture or rock texture with high depth of field and use tripod.

Small sequoia seedling in a redwood forest

4. Take nature pictures at sunrise and sunset.

Green moss against rock texture
Contrasts in nature

5. Find unique patterns and rhythms, lines and shapes, light and shadows, remember to experiment.

Amazing strong lines and shapes in nature
Giant Sequoia – burnt out middle of the tree overgrown with huge bark


Strong lines and bark
abstract art of light and shadows in sequoia forest
Beautiful play of light and shadows on bark
Sequoia tree against blue sky
Sequoia giant forest high angle view
Fallen and decaying sequoia tree, hole in the middle
Natural decay – old sequoia tree trunk with a hole
Abstract patterns of sequoia roots
cycle of life in the forest
old tree in the forest provides for new growth

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