wooden bridge accross the sandy dunes in Atlantic City

Atlantic City Beach Access From Boardwalk Photo Gallery, 20 colorful beach pictures

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Atlantic City beach is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of casinos, get some fresh air and relax. Among many things to do in Atlantic City is visiting Atlantic City beach, it will not cost you anything. Atlantic City Beach is free, while all other New Jersey beaches require a fee. FPImages created a photo gallery of 20 beach pictures showing access points to the beach from the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. Atlantic City is actually located on Absecon Island, one of many islands in the state of New Jersey.

Atlantic city boardwalk beach
Things to do in Atlantic City – Paragliding parachute and US flag, beautiful landscape of AC beach
Protected sand dunes in atlantic city, new jersey, usa
Beautiful Atlantic City Beach Boardwalk at south end near Providence Ave

If you want to take colorful beach pictures wait until later in the afternoon, then the sun will be shining on the beach, Atlantic ocean and sand dunes. Sunrise will be a better time to photograph hotels and casinos along the Atlantic city boardwalk. To plan a trip to Atlantic City boardwalk and take beach photos, you have to remember that the boardwalk was badly damaged by hurricane Sandy and stops near Revel Casino. The walk from Revel to Atlantic Club ( now closed) will take anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on your pace.

This photo gallery shows how to access Atlantic City Beach from the boardwalk. The sand dunes are protected areas and the city built special passages for visitors to get to the beach. Each gate has a name that corresponds to the city street name, which makes it easy to identify your location or to meet with friends.

Walkway across the protected sand dunes, Iowa Ave, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Atlantic City Boardwalk, beach picture and Steel Pier
Maryland Ave beach access looking at Steel Pier

Most of the Atlantic City hotels and casinos are on the boardwalk, as of this writing, Atlantic Club has shut down and there are plans to close Showboat. Revel Casino is looking for a buyer and may face closure as well. More budget-oriented hotels are behind the ocean-facing hotels. Borgata, Golden Nugget and Harrah’s hotels and casinos are located on the inlet and will require a cab or shared ride on Jitney. Whatever the fate of the casinos, Atlantic City Beach will continue to draw both locals and visitors for years to come. This is the main difference between Atlantic City and Las Vegas and in a way, an advantage for AC. Who would come to Vegas if all casinos closed? In Atlantic City people can enjoy the sun, the sand and the ocean. As usual, the things that are best for us are free.

Looking at beach pictures in the photo gallery it is easy to forget that these beach photos were taken in the middle of the busy city. Beautiful sand dunes and blue skies are great for taking nature pictures and landscape photography. There is wildlife like seagulls and other birds, occasionally, you can spot crabs and fish. While visiting Atlantic City, remember to enjoy the beach. If you like taking pictures, you will add many colorful beach pictures to your photo gallery. Other things to do in Atlantic City – fly a kite at the beach, take a boat or helicopter tour, do paragliding, swimming and beach walking is always free.

Beach Bar Bungalow and California Avenue beach access point
Bungalow Beach Bar ad at California Ave, AC beach
Steel Pier and Virginia Avenue, AC beach
North Carolina Ave leads to busy Landshark Bar and Grill at AC beach
Blue skies above Atlantic City beach patrol station
AC beach patrol station and beautiful blue skies
Scenic passage to the beach, Chelsea Ave
Ocean avenue beach path and sand dunes
AC beach patrol building, Atlantic City beach, NJ, USA
Get to the sandy beach via New York Ave
US flag at Kentucky Ave, Atlantic City boardwalk
Ocean and sand dunes near Indiana Avenue, Atlantic City
Atlantic city boardwalk beach photos with US and pride flags
Rainbow and US flag, Park Place Atlantic City beach, New Jersey
Ohio Avenue, AC boardwalk free beach access in NJ
Scenic Missouri Ave at AC boardwalk
Atlantic City Beach – important natural attraction
Beautiful sand dunes landscape in Atlantic City Beach, Bellevue Ave
Atlantic City Beach access deck accross the sand dunes
Atlantic City Beach Sign on the access ramp

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