Fountain near the shops at Christpher Columbus Boulevard in Atlantic City

Atlantic City beautiful Christopher Columbus boulevard at the Walk

Christopher Columbus boulevard, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

People arriving in Atlantic City, New Jersey, by car via Expressway will be greeted by the beautifully landscaped Christopher Columbus boulevard. There is a monument to a famous explorer and many decorative posts with Atlantic city’s name and logo. Atlantic city seahorse symbol can be seen there as well.

Atlantic city Christopher Columbus monument
Monument to Christopher Columbus famous landmark, the Walk area in Atlantic City
Scenic picture of Christopher Columbus boulevard
Christopher Columbus Boulevard Atlantic City cityscapes, New Jersey


If you want to plan a trip to this Atlantic city spot, start by finding the location of Caesar’s Casino or Trump Plaza. Christopher Columbus boulevard is within walking distance of both. When arriving by car, park right behind the Nike Factory store; the monument is in front of it. This part of Atlantic City is known as the Walk – a shopping district with numerous outlet stores. Besides shopping therapy, this area can provide cityscape photography therapy for those without shopping genes. The city skyline looks different from here, and the best time for travel images would be in the afternoon when the sun will be behind you.

Christopher Columbus boulevard globe fountain
Globe Fountain, the Walk shopping district
Columbus boulevard city landscape picture

There are also famous landmarks on the Walk, such as Miss America plaques on Michigan Ave and the Christopher Columbus monument. A Walk is also a place where one can find mainstream restaurants and fast-food outlets.

This Atlantic City symbol can be seen everywhere around the streets. It looks like an official seal or crest. However, it is not present on the city’s official website or mentioned in other sources. Still, it is an excellent symbol and makes a great picture to add to the travel images photo gallery.

Seahorse and starfish symbols
Atlantic city Christopher Columbus boulevard metal columns
A decorative column with Atlantic City name and symbols

Fountain in the Walk area of Atlantic City
Sun shining on the fountain
Signs showing directions to various city attractions
Street signs
Sign to boardwalk, casinos and shopping
Cityscape with street signs
Fountain at Christopher Columbus boulevard travel images
Beautiful Christopher Columbus boulevard meets arriving visitors to Atlantic City
Beautiful Atlantic City crest with sea horses

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