flowering bougainvillea and fountain in Palm Springs

Visit Pleasant and Delightful Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA, USA


A trip to the scenic location of Palm Springs set near the Santa Rosa and the San Jacinto Mountains is incomplete without visiting the vibrant street markets and fairs. The city comes to life with the streets bustling with activity. The street market also called the Villagefest, is located downtown.

Old Red Aerial Tram Car at the entrance
A Bright Red Tram Car at the Foot of the Mountain
Iconic Signs Leading to Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope Drive
Iconic Signs Leading to Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope Drive

The area, including the streets from Amado to Baristo, transforms into a vibrant world offering an assortment of shopping, art, food, and entertainment.

Palm Springs – a beautiful city in Riverside County of California, Palm Springs is proud of its friendly community. The street fairs present a great opportunity for tourists to interact with the locals and explore the wonderful attractions of the city.

Walk of Stars near the Art museum
Palm Springs’ Own Walk of Stars, Downtown Area
Two fan palms near the city hall
Twin Trees at the Palm Springs City Hall

The talented artists and street performers fill the air with music adding to the energy and charm of the market. One can enjoy the festive mood as the streets become active with vendors selling a variety of items from jewelry, snacks, flowers, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Palm Springs City Hall is a great example of mid-century modern architecture and a prominent landmark near the airport.

City Hall street view
Palm Trees Towering over the City Hall
A horse rider Statue in Front of the Palm Springs City Hall
A Statue in Front of the Palm Springs City Hall

When in the city, the renowned Palm Springs Art Museum is a must-visit. Located in the downtown area, the museum features an amazing collection of art that includes contemporary styles, western-inspired, and glass art. The museum also offers educational and cultural programs.

A place that many celebrities call home, this beautiful city offers a multitude of attractions and sights.

Street Market Palm Springs
Street Market with Tall Palm Trees on Either Side
Brilliant Transparent and Colored Stones of the gas fireplcae
Brilliant Transparent and Colored Stones on Display

Take a ride in the aerial tramway up to the San Jacinto Mountains and one is rewarded with the magnificent view of the city. As an alternative, you can go on a road trip on Pines to Palms highway to Lake Hemet to get some cooler air and for a change of scenery.

Drummers gear during street performance
Drum Sets and Microphones Adding Music to the Street Markets
Assorted Jewelry stand at the market
Arrays of Assorted Jewelry at the Street Bazaars
People picking fresh produce at the market
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at the Market in Palm Springs
Historic General Store
A Street Lantern outside the Palm Springs General Store
Aerial Tramway Towers San Jacinto Mountains
Aerial Tramway Path through the Jagged Mountains
Old Tram Car near the station
A Blue Colored Palm Springs Tram Car
the Plaza Theatre at dusk just before the show
The Illuminated Entrance to the Plaza Theatre
the Indian Canyon Street at dusk
Evening on the Indian Canyon Street of Palm Springs
Eating plaza at night
The Statue and Fountain near Ruby’s, Palm Spring
restaurants at night
The Illuminated Signs of Ruby’s and Mariposa, Palm Springs
Heritage Village Green Little House
Heritage Little House of Village Green
Thursday market - A Street Musician Filling the Air with Music
A Street Musician Filling the Air with Music during market
Palm Springs Art Museum
Step into the Palm Springs Art Museum

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