Sand castle competition in Atlantic City, 20 sand art beach pictures

atlantic city sand castle competition near Steel Pier

DO AC sand sculpting world competition 2014

Steel Pier, Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Latitude: 39.3582, Longtitude: -74.4202

Sand castle competition is an event that is enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Atlantic City hosted second annual sand castle competition in early July 2014.  It is known as sand sculpting world cup and runs under the slogan “DO AC”. Many sand sculpture artists from around the world came to Atlantic City Beach. AC has perfect venue for this – great sandy beach and beautiful Atlantic City  boardwalk for easy access.

sand castle competition 2014 atlantic cty display with flags near boardwalk
DO AC sand sculpting world cup 2014 , Atlantic City sand art
sand castle competition at steel pier, AC New Jersey
Sand sculpting in Atlantic City near Steel Pier, 2014

Many sand artists compete in sand sculpture competitions every year and this was a good opportunity for them to exhibit their sand art to a large audience. There were sculpture artists from USA, Canada, India, Russia, Netherlands, Italy etc. The sand castle competition was free for visitors and was centrally located near Steel Pier and in front of Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino.

It is worth mentioning too that Atlantic City beach is the only free beach in New Jersey and therefore it is very popular summer destination for both visitors  and locals. AC sand castle competition was a great occasion to enjoy Atlantic city beach, take great beach pictures. These summer pictures will be excellent addition to any photo gallery and will remind us about summer.

Artist information display at DO AC sand castle competiton
Sand artist Peter Vogelaar, Canada
Canadian sand artist Peter Vogelaar creates his sand sculpture
Sculpting in progress, Peter Vogelaar from Canada, Atlantic City Beach
Toolbox with sand sculpture tools often include forks and spoons
Sand Sculpting toolbox. regular forks and spoons are popular among sand artists.
Sand sculpture, Atlantic City beach near Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino
Atlantic City Beach Pictures, sand art competition 2014
Atlantic City sand sculpting world cup
Mermaid sand art, Atlantic city beach at Steel Pier
DO AC elaborate sand sculpting work
Amazing sand art detail, DO AC sand sculpting world cup beach pictures
Sand castle competition logo saying : DO SUMMER, near Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino
DO AC slogan changed to DO SUMMER, Atlantic city beach
AC beach very detailed sand statue of a woman holding a tablet
Beautiful sand art sculpture of a woman reading on a digital tablet, AC beach
Atlantic city street photography, people browsing sand sculptures
Unique sand art detail, DO AC sand sculpting world cup
Sand Sculptures at atlantic city, New Jersey beach
Sand art at AC beach
sand castle competition 2014 atlantic cty
Sand Artist Matt Long, USA in Atlantic City beach
"Entangled" by sand artist Damon Farmer, USA
“Entangled” by sand artist Damon Farmer, USA. Atlantic City
Atlantic city beach sand artist Damon Farmer working on his sand sculpture
Sand artist Damon Farmer working on his sand sculpture
Amazing sand sculpture

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