Galata Bridge in Istanbul has many restautants on the lower level

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Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul offers a great variety of choices when it comes to restaurants and street food. Seafood is quite often overlooked. When people mention Turkish food – fish does not come to mind.

Fresh mackerel grilled on the spot, fisherman, street food vendor
Quick snack – very popular during rush hour – grilled mackerel sandwich
Street vendor of grilled fish mackrel, Istanbul, Turkey
Seller of succulent mackerel sandwiches near Golden Horn, seafood restaurants on the Galata bridge are visible above him

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However, Istanbul will surprise visitors with excellent seafood dishes; without hesitation, you can call Istanbul – a seafood city. Fish markets are abundant, fish is fresh and numerous street vendors sell a variety of healthy, freshly cooked seafood snacks.

Fresh snack - steamed mussels with lemon juice
Istanbul waterfront favorite snack – steamed mussels with lemon juice
Fresh fish at the fish market, wild non-farmed
Catch of the day – wild, non-farmed seafood

The waterfront around the Golden Horn Bay is home to many fishermen, they land their daily catch here and cook it right away, sometimes on the boat. So it is not exactly street food, but rather boat food. One of the staples that is very popular with local people is the grilled mackerel sandwich.

The Galata Bridge houses many seafood restaurants, but to get a real treat one has to get into a taxi and go to Mavi-Yesil restaurant. It is situated on the European shore between the two bridges. The view is amazing and so is the food.

Orient Express Restaurant, Orient Express Train Station
For traditional Turkish cuisine and to travel in time – visit Orient Express restaurant
istanbul cafe serving fresh orange juice, kebab, rice
Typical Istanbul eatery – includes staples such as chicken and lamb kebap, salads, rice, sandwiches, fresh juice

More traditional Turkish fair can be found in numerous street cafes and for the taste and ambiance of the previous era Orient Express restaurant is still operating near the train station. If you feel adventurous and like street food, you can taste kokorec grilled sandwiches from the street food vendor. Or simply take colorful food pictures to remember your experiences later.

kokorec grill turkey, offal street food asia
Ethnic food experience – kokorec sandwich from a street vendor – cooking kokorec on charcoal
Seafood restaurant Blue Green Mavi Yesil fish Balik on the Bosphorus
One of the best seafood restaurants in Istanbul – Mavi Yesil, is located right on the strait of Bosphorus, a short taxi ride from the old city center
Istanbul waterfront boat grill street food vendor fresh mackerel sandwiches
Fresh from the boat grilled mackerel sandwich – Galata Tower lights are above the boat, visible in the distance across the Golden Horn


Night photo of Galata Bridge with restaurants
Galata Bridge with Restaurants at Night

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