South of France typical farmers market in the morning

Simple Provence pleasures – farmer’s market in Nice

Nice, France


Farmer’s market on Cours Saleya in Nice offers a variety of products and traditional French foods – flowers, plants, fresh produce, fine cheeses and meats. There are vendors of traditional Provence items – lavender and lavender oil, soaps, perfume, olives and olive oil from certified regions.

Herbal and black tea sold in bulk
Tea Stand
Prepared pickled olives in great variety at Cours Saleya
Olives stand and vendors

French Market in Nice Pictures

You can find the freshest seafood Рshellfish, lobster, crab, shrimp or taste it in numerous restaurants.  Cours Saleya farmer market is a place to visit.

African French elderly man in traditional clothes, Nice France
Picturesque elderly man of African descent at the market
Olives pickled Nicoise, Provencal and other
Nicoise-style pickled olives

Taste traditional French food and take great food pictures at this market. This is a meat lover paradise too, with a large selection of finely smoked meats, sausages and rolls. These delicious products come from nearby villages and towns in South of France, Italy and even Corsica.

Vendors are very friendly and offer free tastings of their masterpieces. For those craving, a sweet Cours Saleya market has the best of Provence  Рbrightly colored marzipan candy, honey, pastries and cookies, candied fruit and fantastic candied flowers, jams and confitures. All of this looks so good in food pictures.

Red bell peppers, salad greens - mesclun, tomatoes, green beans
Green beans and red bell peppers
Muscat grapes clusters - Provence, France
Provence sweet treasure – Muscat grapes clusters

A healthy choice is also great: fresh local produce – peppers, tomatoes, mesclun, olives- is amazing. Fresh fruit is abundant, as well as sun-dried vegetables. Flowers are a dedicated special market area and are a real delight.

The farmers market is easy to find in the old part of Nice and it is completely pedestrian. It is best to arrive in the morning when there are not that many visitors. Also, morning light would be perfect for taking some colorful pictures, watching people go by and simply relaxing and sipping some coffee.

A.O.C. grapes - chasselas de Moissac - South West of France
Golden grapes A.O.C. grapes – Chasselas de Moissac – South West of France
Fish market - red mullets, surmullets rouget
Local fresh red mullet for sale at Cours Saleya, Nice


Sun-dried tomato - tomates seches
Sun-dried tomato – tomates seches, food pictures
Restaurant display offering various shellfish - fruits de mer
Popular seafood restaurants
Cours Saleya is famous for its flower vendors
Fresh Flowers Stand
Crab, Lobster, shrimp and other crusteceans on the ice
Lobsters and various shellfish at the market
Corn Cobs use for decorating
Beautiful corn cobs
Dried and sliced edible mushrooms
Pricey (180 Euros per kg) dried mushrooms
Corn flower cookies
Corn cookies
Pork chest fillet rolled spiced and cooked
Cooked Pork Fillet at a Meat Stand
Sausages - various hard salamis - air dried
Dry-cured salami assortment
Lonzo Corse - corsican pork dish
Corsican pork lonzo corse
Red and Green cabage - choux
Fresh Cabbage
Old person picking out produce
Hand-picking only the best veggies
Roasted stuffed suckling pig
Porchetta – stuffed suckling pig
traditional porchetta for sale
Roasted porchetta
imitation cherries made from marzipan
Marzipan cherries and other fruit
Almod Paste marzipan Candy in shape of pink piglets
Marzipan candy
Sweet candy made with almond meal - marzipan
Candy from almond paste marzipan
Imitation tomatoes, grapes, apples, cabbage, carrots made from marzipan
Colorful marzipan sweets
Italian honey for sale at French Market
Italian natural flower honey at Cours Saleya French Market
Bright yellow wall with Cours Saleya sign, free image
Cours Saleya street sign

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