Amazing rose garden at Wrigley house in Pasadena

Rose Parade Tournament House and Wrigley Gardens in Pasadena, California

Pasadena, CA, USA


Wrigley Mansion – as it was once known, now houses the permanent headquarters of the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California. Wrigley Gardens are part of the property and are open to the public. The building, the grounds, and the gardens are beautifully maintained and well worth the visit. The building is located on South Orange Grove Street – a prestigious part of Pasadena.

Beautiful roses by the grand entrance to the Wrigley house
Red rose flower bud close-up view at Wrigley Rose Garden

Wrigley Mansion Architecture Photo Gallery

Wrigley building is very close to Colorado Boulevard and Norton Simon Museum, Colorado Street Bridge and another architectural gem – the Gamble House. This area offers a nice walk and lots of photo opportunities. In front of the Wrigley building, there is a large beautiful lawn.

Gardens Trellis and path
Perfect landscaping for the enjoyment of the public
USA and Rose Parade Flags by the Wrigley House
Flagpoles in front of the Wrigley mansion

Wrigley rosarium – a rose garden, is to the right of the house and a beautiful covered walkway leads to it. A large mature banyan tree stays on guard to the left of the building. Every Thursday afternoon between 2-4pm it is possible to take a tour of the interior of the building.

Inside, one can learn about the history of the Rose Bowl and see trophies and memorabilia. The building was designed by architect Lawrence Simson and completed 100 years ago in 1914. Most of the interior features remain intact – floors, ceilings, fireplaces, original lighting fixtures though were removed.

Cast iron flower vases by the entrance
Geranium Flowers decorating stairs
Red flowers in large flower pots
Tournament of Roses House Entrance and red blooming plants
Wrigley mansion - headquarters of the Tournament of Roses, Pasadena California
Front view from perfect lawn at magnificent structure
Hisotric building architecture - entry, stairs, balcony
Classic portico with a terrace over the main door to Wrigley house
Benches in the shade at Wrigley Gardens
Benches under the covered passage in the gardens
View of Wrigley Mansion from backyard
Backyard view of Wrigley House
Pink roses under the trellis
Water droplets on a yellow rose at Wrigley rose garden

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