jamaica fisherman on a paddle boat

Jamaican beaches are a perfect place to get fresh seafood

Bloody Bay


Fresh red snapper for sale at Jamaican beach
Jamaican man setting up a lobster trap at sunset

Jamaica has many beautiful beaches. Negril on the West coast has one of the best known as ‘seven mile beach’. Apart from usual use by the tourists for water sports or aerobics these beaches are a great place for local fisherman to catch fish.

Fisherman usually fish early in the morning when there are only a few guests around. Sometimes they have their nets and traps setup just next to the resort swimming area. They usually set lobster traps in the evening.

Jamaican fisherman showing live lobsters to the tourist at the beach
Greetings from the Jamaican chef at the beachfront kitchen

Small Jamaican restaurants cook the catch of the day right on the beach to the delight of tourists. Resorts do not usually serve fresh local fish or lobster. So these Jamaican seafood restaurants offer a great opportunity for visitors to taste fresh local fish or lobster.

Beachfront restaurants use wood to cook  fish and lobster and that allows tourists to taste authentic Jamaican seafood cooking. These Jamaican seafood eaters offer a nice break from all inclusive buffets. The prices are also much better than at the resorts and it provides direct support to local fishermen and cooks.

Cute fishing boat with a palapa roof
Small fishing boat near the beach

Negril, Jamaica also has larger boats for deep sea fishing and there are lots of fishermen in Negril river. Local restaurants will prepare the catch right away and this is really nice experience totally different from large resorts and formal restaurants.

Two Jamaican style lobster traps near the shore
Paddle board with the fishing net and scale to weigh the catch
Jamaican fisherman offering catch of the day to the toursit

Jamaican fishing pictures gallery

White and blue small boat near the shore
Jamaican seafood eatery or pub right at the beach
Cast iron pot cooking on a wood fired stove
Jamaican man on the boat heading out to fish with fishing rods
Jamaican fisherman showing live lobsters to the tourist at the beach
Fishing boats tied up along Negril river
Deep sea fishing boat at the pier in Negril

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