The Serenity of St George Utah Temple and Tabernacle, 20 church pictures

Stunning Tower Design - architechtural photogrpahy

Exquisite Tower of LDS church, architectural detail

St. George, Utah, USA
Latitude: 37.1006, Longtitude: -113.5773


St. George Utah Temple is mormon church ( also lds church) and the longest serving latter days saints temple in service. The temple offers serene and spiritual atmosphere and it was a pleasure to walk the grounds and take beautiful church pictures on a nice day. This christian sanctuary allows one to search for inner spirituality and connect with the Higher Power.

LDS Temple, front church pictures
A Front Sign of LDS Temple


Picture of the Painting of the Temple, Utah
A Historic Painting of the St George Utah Temple

Located in St. George, Utah the majestic and composed St George Utah temple bestows spirituality, strength and guidance to the people. One of the oldest lds temples, this holy place was originally known as St. George Temple. Mormonism has complicated history and was not accepted by many Christians. State of Utah was remote enough for lds church to settle here and start building their temples.


The gleaming white exterior of the temple adds elegance. The prominent architectural features and attributes of this temple are very impressive. The areas and rooms in the St George Utah LDS Mormon temple are maintained carefully to preserve the serenity and harmony. The murals and paintings in the temple rooms are stunning and transports one to a calm and peaceful place. Note of caution however, St. George Utah Temple is closed to outsiders and visitors can only see pictures of the interiors in the visitor center.

Impressive Image of the Serene Temple
Beautiful architecture of LDS Temple
Image of the Steps of the Temple, St George Utah
Steps Leading to LDS Temple, church pictures

If you plan a road trip to St. George Utah, another Utah attractions must be on the list of things to do – visit to St. George Tabernacle. This lds church was opened only one year prior to the temple in 1876. The building has a classic architectural design with tall bell tower, red brick used for construction matches the color of red cliffs surrounding St. George. The building is opened to general public and has beautiful interiors, including very nice spiral staircases. When taking pictures of buildings do not miss such great architectural details.  The main prayer hall is elegantly decorated and present an ambiance of harmony and contentment. This feeling is also reflected in the minds of those visiting this holy place.

St. George Utah has other tourist attractions – dinosaur museum,red cliffs natural park. Famous Grand Canyon North Rim is not to far, as well as Zion National Park and Brice Canyon National park, perfect for taking nature photos.

Picturesque Red Cliffs and White Temple, church picture
The Red Cliffs near St George Utah Temple
Brigham Young Painting in the Temple with LDS scripture
A Beautiful Brigham Young Painting, holding LDS scripture
Interior Rooms of the Mormon Temple, lds church
The Elegant Interior Rooms of the St George Utah Temple
Interior Details at the Temple, church pictures
The Graceful Décor of the Mormon Temple Rooms, lds church


Exquisite Rooms, lds church
The Sacred and Revered Rooms in the Temple
Book of Mormon picture, LDS scripture
The Sacred Book of Mormon, LDS scripture
St. George Tabernacle, lds church picture
The Stunning St George Tabernacle, Utah, architectural photogrpahy
Bell and clock tower, spire of the St George Tabernacle, Utah
The Bell Tower against deep blue sky, lds church picture
Beautiful St George Tabernacle, lds church picture
Low Angle Image, St George Tabernacle, Utah
Erastus Fairbanks Snow Statue
Renowned Erastus Fairbanks Snow Monument
Tabernacle at St George Prayer Hall, lds temple
Elegantly Decorated Prayer Hall, LDS church picture
Beautiful Spiral Staircase, architectural detail
Charming Spiral Staircase in the Tabernacle, architectural detail
St George Utah Mormon Temple, church picture
Gleaming White Exterior of the St George Utah LDS Mormon Temple

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