steel pier retro sign at the observation ferris wheel

Steel Pier offers fun for all ages in Atlantic City

Steel Pier


Steel Pier is an excellent place for the whole family to spend some quality time. Currently, Steel Pier is across the boardwalk from Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which used to be Trump’s Taj Mahal. The original pier was built in 1898, and it was destroyed several times by fires and storms. Steel Pier has always been an entertainment venue featuring various shows and rides.

Steel Pier ticket booth
Crowd at the pier amusement park

Steel pier today has many rides for all ages and even a helicopter pad for tours of Atlantic City. You can walk around the pier for free and only have to pay for the rides. The views of the coastline and the ocean are excellent; especially lovely is to look at the boardwalk at night.

Merry go round carousel at the Steel Pier
Helicopter landing at the helipad to take passengers for the tour
Helicopter with tourists taking off for the tour of the coast
Freedom Flyer extreme ride lifting its prey


People hanging upside down in a Freedom flyer extreme ride
Steel Pier has a couple of extreme rides – Mix is one of them
Large swing carousel surely will make you dizzy
Swinging carousel and Showboat casino
Swing carousel picking up speed and former Revel casino building
Beautiful detail of a swing carousel ride
Flying high and fast – great fun for the family at swing carousel
Confectionery stand with always popular pop-corn, cotton candy and candy apples

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