altar of small prayer room in the basement

Peek into history of Russia at St Michael the Archangel church in Cannes, France

Cannes, France


There are many things to do in Cannes, France. However, if you have tried them all and want to do something different, take a short walk from the famous Boulevard de la Croisette to see the Russian Orthodox church. The exterior architecture is beautiful. The interiors of St Michael the Archangel are done following the traditions of the Russian Orthodox church. There are many icons, and the walls are painted with frescoes.

Russian royal emblem
1889 picture of Grand Duke Peter and his bride Militsa(left) and her sister Anastasia, wife of Grand Duke Nicholas

The church also has a basement that is a museum and has many interesting items with history. Two cousins of Nicholas II, the last Russian emperor, are buried there with their wives: Grand Duke Nicholas and his wife Anastasia and Grand Duke Peter and his wife Militsa. They lived in France in exile after fighting a brutal civil war that started after the 1917 revolution. Grand Duke Nicholas was well respected by the soldiers and officers. Many of them had to emigrate to France. When Grand Duke died, they brought many military regiment flags as a tribute to his service.

The tomb of Helene Vagliano is also in the basement. She was awarded the title of Heroine of France for being a leader of the French Resistance during World War II. She was captured and killed by the German Gestapo in August 1944.

Tomb of French Heroine Helene Vagliano
Museum display of old books, pictures and other historic items dedicated to Grand Duke Nicholas

The priest is friendly and happy to explain the story behind each item. If you like history, the Russian Orthodox church in Cannes is worth exploring.

Tombs and museum display dedicated to Grand Duke Peter and his wife Militsa
Russian military order

Military flag to honor Grand Duke Nicholas
St. Spyridon icon with candles
Mary and Jesus icon
Intricate silver cross
Silver icon of the holly family
Silver clad icon with Jesus
A golden icon depicting a saint

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