Evergreen tree with fresh snow in Canada

16 winter nature pictures and great desktop backgrounds ideas

Winter forest at Mont Sainte Anne


Winter nature pictures are great representations of the winter season that create a special mood and should be considered as excellent desktop background ideas.

Bunches of red berries after ice storm
Red mountain ash berries ice-covered
winter forest pictures stream flowing amid snow banks
Small brook in winter forest

Winter Nature Pictures Photo Gallery

FPImages would like to share 16 winter nature pictures taken in Quebec, Canada. The winter season in Quebec is long and cold. There is lots of snow and in the beginning of winter in December, an ice storm can create a real mess but is a chance to capture stunning winter images.

winter waterfall photos
Winter Waterfall is a great desktop background idea
rowan tree red berries ice covered
Ice-covered red berries, rowan tree

Winter nature pictures taken during ice storms are striking so if you happen to witness this winter season event, use this opportunity to replenish your winter photo gallery. Most likely, these photos will become amazing desktop background ideas.

To take eye-catching winter nature pictures during or after an ice storm, one has to prepare and follow winter photography tips. One of the most important tips is obvious but often overlooked – always put personal safety first.

Desktop backgrounds ideas - red berries after ice storm
Desktop background ideas – red berries after the ice storm
Mountain ash frosted branches - amazing desktop background
Mountain ash frosted branches – amazing desktop background

Winter season ice storm is an extraordinary event and any outdoor activity can put you in a dangerous situation. There could be downed power lines, treacherous driving conditions and falling tree branches.


red winter berries after ice storm
Red berries clusters – frozen beauty
Snow covered rocks and forest near Mont Sainte Anne
Snow covered rocks and forest near Mont Sainte Anne

Winter nature pictures in this photo gallery were taken at Mont Saint Anne – a popular winter season destination near Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Mont Saint Anne offers downhill skiing, cross-country and snowshoeing trails. Winter hiking trails require snowshoes most of the time, especially in Quebec, with large amounts of snow.


Curved trunk of an old apple tree in the winter forest
Curved trunk of an old apple tree in the winter forest
winter waterfall photos
Winter waterfalls

Winter photography tips for nature photography definitely include the use of snowshoes. This winter season equipment will provide a stable platform for you as opposed to cross-country skis. Also, the pace of snowshoeing is more leisurely and is better suited for observation and taking winter nature pictures. Another great advantage is that snowshoes will allow you to get to a hard-to-reach spot better than any other piece of winter hiking equipment.

Winter photography tips

Desktop backgrounds ideas - winter waterfall details photo
Desktop background ideas – winter waterfall details photo
Tree branches in the winter
Tree silhouette in the winter forest

1. Charge your camera and phone batteries; cold weather reduces the life of the battery charge.

2. Dress accordingly and wear gloves that will allow you full control of the camera and have a good grip.

3. Always have a dry lens wipe handy to clean the snow, debris or condensation.

4. If snow is in the forecast use the protective bag for the camera.

5. On an overcast day, concentrate on details; do not include skies in the composition.

red-winter-berries-ice-storm (3)

red-winter-berries-ice-storm (4)

red-winter-berries-ice-storm (5)

red-winter-berries-ice-storm (7)


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