central Arizona canal at sunset

Arizona Sunset Skies and Abstract Water Reflections in Central Arizona Project Canal

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Latitude: 33.6422, Longtitude: -111.9400

Arizona sunset skies are so picturesque that they are the subject of many landscape photographs. Scottsdale, Arizona is a paradise for travelers escaping brutal northern winters. Scottsdale is surrounded by Sonoran desert and winters are mild with plenty of sunshine.

Sunset colors reflections in water
Arizona Sunset Colors, Abstract Background
Arizona golden sunset over the water canal
Arizona Sun Amazing Glow at Sunset

Surprisingly for its desert location, there are a number of water features like the Central Arizona Project Canal. It is a unique place for desert landscape photography. Abstract water reflections in the canal combined with Arizona sunset skies produce a real visual treat.

Arizona sunset skies are amazing and different every night, but of course, this is not the main reason why people come to Scottsdale. Being very close to Phoenix Scottsdale is easy to reach by air and offers many activities. Scottsdale has many golf courses, hiking trails.

Disappearing sun and saguaro Arizona sunset landscape
Disappearing sun and saguaro Arizona sunset landscape
Bright yellow sun water reflection, Central Arizona Canal
Bright yellow sun water reflection, Central Arizona Canal

Grand Canyon and other scenic canyons are close too for those seeking great Arizona outdoor adventures. If you want to stay in town there are lots to do as well. Arizona Canal Trail is an excellent urban walking and jogging trail. Downtown Scottsdale has many glamorous boutiques and high-end fashion stores, overlooking the canal offers a double treat of scenic beauty and the pleasure of shopping. The area also offers a memorable dining experience with its array of amazing restaurants and eating points. One can enjoy delicious cuisines from all over the world, brought forth by master chefs.

Arizona sunset skies photos will make a great memory of the trip and later you can set up these beautiful desert landscapes as desktop backgrounds. A stroll along the Arizona Canal trail walkways is a great way to explore the awesome desert scenery. Of course, sunrise and sunset are the best times to enjoy and photograph it. When you walk by the canal notice stunning abstract water reflections. These water reflections range in colors and textures. Abstract water images will look great anywhere and remind you of good times in Arizona.

Arizona landscape with setting sun and saguaro cactus
Arizona landscape with setting sun and saguaro cactus
Abstract water reflections in Central Arizona Project Canal
Abstract reflections in the Central Arizona Project Canal

Arizona sunset skies start out with golden glow before the sun sets in the desert. As the sun gets closer to the horizon colors deepen. More shades of orange appear and slowly start the transition into the red. The deep colors of the sunset set off brilliant magic in the waters, which reflect the colors beautifully. Get your camera ready and take lots of photos. Experiment with the composition of Sonoran desert landscapes, water images, and abstract water reflections. Try different settings to obtain desired effect – shallow depth of field for dreamlike impressionist image or large depth of field for sharp realistic images.

The amazing landscape around downtown Scottsdale and the lovely Arizona Canal walkways bring their own beauty to the place. Central Arizona Project Canal enhances the charming ambiance of the place. The bridge linking the canal to the Shopping district and Southbridge is strictly for pedestrians only.

Water colors and texture at sunset, Arizona canal
Sunset colors of Arizona Canal
Arizona Canal after sunset picturesque landscape
Orange and red colors of Arizona sunset scenic landscape

The blend of the rich history and contemporary styles can be experienced everywhere in Scottsdale. The array of galleries and nightclubs together with the variety of entertainment options make this place a popular tourist destination. The clubs and lounges in the Downtown Scottsdale add vibrancy to the nightlife here.

Scottsdale is a great winter escape especially charming under Arizona sunset skies. Please, visit our travel tips page about 10 things to do in Scottsdale for more travel ideas.

Sunset water reflections, abstract backgrounds
Sunset water reflections, abstract backgrounds
Dramatic red glow in the Arizona skies after sunset
The dramatic red glow in Arizona skies after sunset

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