relaxing interiors of Philadelphia 30-th street station

Use trains for budget travel from Philadelphia Airport to Atlantic City

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Want to plan a trip to Atlantic City this summer? You will find that it is not easy to get to unless you drive. Atlantic City has an airport, but it is not for budget travel; flights into Atlantic city are usually $200-$300 more than into Philadelphia Airport.

Large Hall Interior at Philadelphia train station, pictures of buildings
Philadelphia 30 Street station, main hall architecture
Use trains for budget travel, philadelphia 30 street station
Philadelphia 30-th Street Train Station is the perfect solution for budget travel

Atlantic City is actually on an island called Absecon and is about 60 miles from Philadelphia. Using trains will cost about $20 per person. Compare that to a cab ride starting from about $130 one way or a shared shuttle, which surprisingly is not much cheaper; renting a car one way is not an option either as there will be one-way charges plus the cost of gas and tolls. Train trips will save more than 80% over other types of transportation.

It is worth noting that train trips are also very environmentally friendly as trains emit very few greenhouse gases that cause climate change. And Atlantic City itself is a victim of climate change and the violent storms that it brings. A couple of years ago, Hurricane Sandy badly damaged the boardwalk and many buildings in Atlantic City; some of the effects can still be seen today, especially on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Philadelphia 30 street station interior
The grand interior architecture of a train station
Plan a trip to Atlantic City by train
Gate sign at a train station, budget travel saves money and the environment

At Philadelphia airport, follow signs to trains. These trains run approximately every 20 minutes; you can buy tickets from the conductor. This is called the SEPTA line, and in about 15 minutes, you will arrive at Philadelphia 30th street station. Get off the train here and follow signs for NJ Transit or Amtrack. In the main hall of the station, there is a display that shows the time for the next train to Atlantic City.

NJ Transit trains to Atlantic City run about every 90 minutes. Buy your tickets from orange vending machines as it will be more if you buy from the conductor. If you have some time before the train, the Philadelphia 30-th street station offers several choices for having a snack, lunch or coffee. Just outside the train station, there is free mini golf for fun. Also, you can walk across the bridge over the Schuykill River and enjoy Philadelphia cityscape views.

Philadelphia 30 street station seating area
Comfortable wooden benches at a train station
World War II monument at Philadelphia 30-th street station
Monument at the train station, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Atlantic City offers free shuttles (jitneys) from the AC train station to leading hotels and casinos. If you miss one, there is no need to worry. There will be other paid jitneys to take you for a small fee of $2.50. Plan a trip to Atlantic City and travel by train stress-free, saving money and the environment.

Philadelphia 30 street station WWII monument
World War II monument, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Deatil of eagle sculpture at Schuykill river bridge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Eagle sculpture at Schuykill River Bridge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Cityscapes picture of Schuykill river bridge sculpture detail
Bridge lights and eagle stone sculpture at Schuykill River Bridge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Philadelphia cityscapes with flags and tall buildings
Flags flying, Philadelphia cityscapes
Free and fun minigolf near train station
Free minigolf just outside the train station, have fun when doing train trips
Free minigolf near philadelphia 30 street station
Play mini golf and rest in the shade at the Philadelphia train station
Philadelphia 30 street station architecture
Columns and architecture of a train station
Street photo of a train station architecture
The train station building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Philadelphia 30 street station is near the river
The train station is close to the Schuykill River, Philadelphia cityscapes
Compare old and new architecture
Philadelphia cityscapes – old and new architecture
View of the train station from across the Schuykill River
Bridges over the Schuykill River, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
conductor checking tickets at NJ Transit train to Atlantic City
Train trips – conductor at NJ Transit train to Atlantic City

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